Judge OKs California DOJ Layoffs

California Department of Justice employees argued that Gov. Brown only ordered the layoffs as political payback, but the judge disagreed. Now, 81 people will soon be out of a job.
by | February 14, 2012

About 80 California Department of Justice employees will be out of a job at the end of this week.

Last Friday, Judge Timothy Frawley gave the planned layoffs for the Association of Special Agents a go-ahead. ASA President Mike Loyd told the Sacramento Bee that the workers will be officially laid off on Friday.

The special agents tried to stop the layoffs, arguing that Gov. Jerry Brown only ordered them as payback for the association’s larger entity, the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association, supporting Brown’s 2010 gubernatorial opponent, Meg Whitman. Brown, however, professed that the layoffs were a result of Republican's inability to agree on tax cuts last year, according to the Bee. Frawley sided with Brown.

The Bee reports that most DOJ workers retired or got new jobs when the layoffs were announced last year, but 73 sworn officers and eight non-sworn officers still remain -- until Friday anyway.


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