Public Employee Salary Disclosure Survey

View results of GOVERNING's public employee salary survey.
by | April 18, 2012

GOVERNING’s research division conducted the survey March 8 – 22, 2012, among a sample of 217 senior state and local government officials.

Participants received invites via e-mail and completed the survey online. The survey was conducted using our proprietary GOVERNING Exchange research community, powered by Sparq®. The results are reflective of GOVERNING readers with a maximum sampling error of +/- 6.7 percentage points at 95 percent confidence.

Survey results cannot be projected to the entire population of government workers, but are reflective of our subscriber database of senior state and local officials. Our group, for example, did not include rank-and-file police officers and teachers.

All survey respondents identified themselves as public sector employees. The 217 participants worked in the following areas of government:

-- State: 41 percent

-- County: 21 percent

-- City/Town: 32 percent

-- Regional/Special District: 5 percent

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