Google has launched an online warehouse for education resources called Google in Education, designed for teachers, administrators and advocates, the company announced Thursday.

The website has three main portals: for teachers, for organizations and for students. A click into the teachers section reveals links to Google apps for education, a lesson plan search, classroom videos, professional development webinars and tutorials, and online communities for teachers to share their ideas.

The organization tab includes links to repositories for both non-profit and community organizations and school districts and higher education institutions. The student section offers an opportunity to join competitions, participate in online programs and apply for Google-sponsored awards.

In an introductory blog post, Jordan Lloyd Bookley, head of global K-12 education outreach at Google, said the website was developed with input from teachers and students. "Googlers are the type who never really leave the classroom," Bookley wrote. "We hope these resources will inspire and enable teachers, while affirming our commitment to increasing access to an excellent education for all."