Colo. Republicans Want to Reinstate Asset Tests for Medicaid

Colorado House Republicans want to reinstate them asset tests for Medicaid recipients, even though the federal health care law bars them and it would make them ineligible for federal money.
January 3, 2012

Even though the federal health-care law bars states from requiring asset tests for Medicaid recipients, Colorado House Republicans are pushing for their colleagues to reinstate them, the Denver Post reports.

Right now, Medicaid recipients in Colorado are means-tested, which takes a person’s income into account. Asset testing, which the state did away with in regards to low-income families in 2006, considers possessions like property and savings.

According to, 47 states and the District of Columbia do not require asset tests for Medicaid as of 2011.

Reinstating the asset test would make Colorado ineligible for federal money that awards states for enrolling children in Medicaid programs. Last week, the state won $26 million this way, according to the Post.


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