Steve Jobs Exploited Calif. License Plate Loophole

A California loophole allowed Steve Jobs to avoid purchasing a state license plate for years.
by | October 28, 2011

A loophole in California law allowed Apple CEO Steve Jobs to get away with never affixing a state license plate to his car, The Atlantic Wire reports.

In California, drivers are given six months after purchasing a new vehicle to obtain license plates and replace the temporary dealership tags. It seems Jobs arranged with a dealership to continually change cars in the sixth month of his lease, which allowed him to go years without paying for a proper state license plate, according to the Wire.

Jobs, who died earlier this month, also never bothered to attach dealership tags either, according to the news agency. According to his autobiographer, Walter Isaacson, Jobs told him that he didn't want to be followed. When pressed further, Jobs was ambiguous.

"You know why I don't have a license plate?" he said. "Because I don't have a license plate."


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