Protesters Challenge Wis. Assembly Ban On Signs and Cameras

The Wisconsin Assembly is reevaluating its policy that prohibits signs and cameras in its chambers.
by , | November 8, 2011

A group of protesters was arrested at the Wisconsin State Capital on last week for bringing signs and cameras into the state Assembly's chambers, the Wisconsin State Journal reports, as they sought to challenge the legislative body's rules for visitors.

Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine, led the protests. He was charged with "prohibited" conduct in state buildings and fined $263.50, according to the State Journal. But what exact policy the protesters violated is difficult to discern, the newspaper reports.

The official Assembly rules do not include signs or cameras as prohibited items, according to the State Journal, but signs indicating the "rules of the gallery" in the Assembly's chambers do forbid carrying signs or taking pictures. Minority Leader Peter Barca has suggested that the Assembly draft a more definite policy about what is and isn't allowed.

The state Senate's rules are more explicit, banning signs and photography outright, the State Journal reports.


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