Md. Gas Tax Increase Becoming Likely

Maryland legislators will likely pass a gas tax increase soon.
by , | November 4, 2011

Maryland State Senate President Thomas V. Miller announced Thursday that the state legislature would likely approve an increase of the state's gas tax in the next legislative session, the Baltimore Sun reports.

A state task force proposed raising the gas tax to 38.5 cents per gallon, up from 23.5, funneling all of the new revenue to the Transportation Trust Fund to pay for road repair and construction projects, according to the Sun. Miller has said he supports an increase, but it should be more mild than the 15-cent raise recommended by the task force.

Miller also said Maryland would have to adopt a constitutional amendment that prohibited transferring revenue from the gas tax away from transportation projects. An amendment would have to be approved by voters in 2012.

State Republicans have stated they will flatly oppose any tax increase, the Sun reports. Several state business groups, however, have said they would support the increase if it was ensured that the money would go toward transportation improvements.


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