Funkhouser Leads The GOVERNING Institute

International auditing expert and former Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Mark Funkhouser will lead The GOVERNING Institute, a new research and advisory institute for state and local leaders.
by | July 7, 2011

Citizens are integral to improving government. That’s how leaders of GOVERNING's new research arm, the GOVERNING Institute, view them. Established this summer and led by internationally recognized auditing expert and former Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Mark Funkhouser, the Institute expands GOVERNING’s decades-long commitment to helping state and local public leaders govern effectively.

Mark Funkhouser

The GOVERNING Institute will offer outcome-based research, guidance and executive education events to public sector leaders. The Institute's work "begins with a whole lot of listening -- to readers, practitioners, academicians and people who share that commitment,” said GOVERNING’s Editor-at-Large Paul Taylor.

Funkhouser's first actions as director will be to lead discussions at a number of GOVERNING events, including September’s Cost of Government Summit. Funkhouser was previously a keynote speaker on better governance at GOVERNING’s Leadership Forum in Raleigh, N.C., in April and will contribute to state forums in Austin, Texas; Sacramento, Calif.; and Albany, N.Y. later this year.

The best decisions are those made by governments and citizens working together, said Funkhouser in a release. “It is time to change the conversation back to coproducing the results Americans want and need. It’s time to resist the temptation of fearing the future and get on with the hard work of barn-raising in our time. This is the time. The Institute is the place.”


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