Conn. Lawmaker Wants To Change Halloween Date

A Connecticut state legislator has proposed setting Halloween to the last Saturday in October, rather than its traditional Oct. 31 date.
by | October 25, 2011
Brandy Shaul/Flickr CC

Most people know Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, comes on October 31. But a Connecticut lawmaker is suggesting to upend the holiday's traditional date and set the ghoulish celebration for the last Saturday in October.

State Rep. Tim Larson told the Hartford Courant that a Saturday celebration would be easier for working parents, safer for children and better for the economy. Americans are expected to spend nearly $7 billion on Halloween-related purchases, according to the National Retail Federation. Larson thinks a more convenient date could prompt more celebrations -- and more spending.

Gov. Dannel Malloy and other legislators have come out against the idea, the Courant reports, and Larson acknowledged the proposal wasn't the most important issue on the docket. But he asserted it was an idea worth considering.

"It's kind of a whimsical idea, but it's smart from a common-sense safety perspective," Larson told the Courant. "Jobs are created by this holiday, so let's make it a little more fun and safe for everyone, and create some jobs too."


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