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Iowa Governor Wants to ‘Invest’ in New Decade with Tax Changes

Gov. Kim Reynolds’ plan to “Invest in Iowa” would mean raising sales tax by a penny but decreasing both property and income tax. But it also hopes to improve water quality, conservation, and outdoor rec opportunities.

By Rod Boshart, The Gazette  |  January 18, 2020
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Florida’s Proposed $50 Million Tax Break Has Uncertain Future

The tax break would extend an existing incentive but after seeing the hefty price tag, the lobbyists have stepped back. But even if the break doesn’t pass this year, “the group may push for it again in future years.”

By Jason Garcia, Orlando Sentinel  |  January 18, 2020
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Dancing in the Dark: Disappearing Drones and Confused Officials

Stories about drones in mysterious formations across Nebraska and Colorado have been flying around for days, but officials still don’t have any answers. “It baffles me. I don’t know why someone would be doing this for fun.”

By Sioux City Journal  |  January 18, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF What’s Happening Now

Who’s Watching Grandma, Her Family or Big Brother?

Minnesota’s new law allows families to install electronic monitoring devices into senior homes if they have proper consent. Some think it’s a great way to ensure Grandma’s getting the help she needs, others think it’s intrusive.

By Chris Serres, Star Tribune  |  January 18, 2020
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THE FUTURE OF Community Design

NJ Accelerates Its Electric Vehicle Sales with New Rebate

Between the pending legislation that would enact a $5,000 rebate and the state’s ambitious goals, environmental groups think New Jersey could be a national leader in the industry.

By Frank Kummer, The Philadelphia Inquirer  |  January 18, 2020
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