Digital States Survey: 50 State Report Card

Grade A

Trending sharply up. Demonstrated results across all categories. Modernization used to realize operational efficiencies and strategic priorities under nimble leaders. Evidence of meaningful collaboration. Performance measures and metrics widely adopted. Cuts tend to be made strategically.

The Digital States Survey is the nation’s only sustained assessment of state government use of digital technologies to improve service delivery, increase capacity, change cost structures and reach policy goals. The 2012 edition is the eleventh Digital States Survey in 15 years.

This year, our traditional linear rankings were replaced with letter grades for all 50 states. The new survey is focused on results over process in eight broad areas (see Digital States Categories) - a particularly high bar as states contend with the Great Recession’s lingering effects, budget cuts, a lagging recovery and increased demand for services. Against that backdrop, the injection of federal stimulus funding may have helped states stabilize, do more and do their work better.