Square: One Mobile Way to Accept Fares and Contributions

A small plug-in credit card reader is changing how cab drivers and campaigns accept payments on the fly.
by | February 23, 2012 AT 5:00 PM

Cab drivers and campaigns are just a few groups that are turning to mobile devices to accept payments. This is possible through a credit card reader called Square -– a small Apple- or Android-compatible plugin that vendors can swipe cards through. The reader and mobile app is free, and vendors are charged about three percent per transaction. Speaking to the New York Times, Square’s Aaron Zamost ticked off Baltimore, Md.; San Francisco; Orlando, Fla.; and Portland, Ore. as places where some taxi drivers were already using the device. New York City could join this group: Square is expected to present a plan to the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission on March 1. Should it be approved, a pilot program would outfit 50 taxis with tablets, equipped with the credit card reader. Squares have also been used successfully by the Obama and Romney campaigns to collect campaign contributions on the spot from supporters at rallies and events.