NorCal Cities Offer Rental Workspace at Libraries

Santa Cruz, Palo Alto and San Francisco all have started pilots that allow public- and private-sector workers to book workspace at libraries, helping maximize building use and cut down on commute times.
by | March 22, 2012 AT 3:00 PM

Building utilization and transportation are among the biggest factors that must be addressed when cities seek to go green. The cities of Santa Cruz, Palo Alto and San Francisco have all signed on to pilots that allows residents and city workers to book work space at a variety of public libraries around Northern California, tackling both problems at once by maximizing the use of city buildings and cutting down on worker commutes. The three cities are working with mobile app Liquidspace to allow workers to search for and book space via the Web for any length of time, from an hour to several weeks. The company hopes that the pilot will be a start of a partnership that eventually includes all levels of government.