Paying Property Taxes by Shopping Local

A town in New Jersey has created a program that offers residents the chance to earn property tax credits by patronizing local businesses.
by | February 7, 2012 AT 4:00 PM

Looking to boost the local economy, Marlboro Township, in New Jersey rolled out a new program in September 2012 that allows residents to reduce their property tax bill by spending money at local businesses. Speaking to the local CBS affiliate, Mayor Jonathan Hornik described the program as the first of its kind in the country. Residents must first obtain and activate a free 'Shop Marlboro' card from the town hall and then shop at one of the 40 businesses already participating in the program. Each business sets a percentage of the total amount spent that the consumer earns as credit towards their property tax bill. Participants can register their cards online to track their balances and see a list of the participating businesses. So far the township estimates that 1,200 residents are using the program and have already earned $10,000 towards their property taxes.