Boston to turn Gas Station into Electric Vehicle Park and Charge Facility

Located in the heart of downtown, the lot will promote greener driving alternatives.
by | April 30, 2012 AT 8:00 PM

In an effort to make electric vehicles (EVs) a viable alternative to traditional cars, Boston plans to turn an old run-down gas station into a 4,000-square-foot parking lot of 12 spaces with charging capabilities. The facility, called Green Park & Charge, is a partnership between the Boston Redevelopment Authority, Boston Transportation Department, and private equity firm Dinosaur Capital Partners. Sensor technology from "smart parking" company Streetline is being installed and will allow users real-time access to information on spaces available, charging times, and directions to/from the lot via the Web or a smartphone application. There will be no fees to charge an electric vehicle beyond the parking rate; drivers of EVs or hybrids will receive a 10 percent discount while drivers of vehicles with an EPA mileage rating of 15 miles per gallon or less must pay a 10 percent surcharge. The facility (which will offer an ATM, on-site espresso café and enclosed bicycle parking) is slated to open in August of this year.