Collisions between vehicles and trains are one of the greatest sources of injuries and fatalities in the railroad industry. In Michigan in 2006, there were 72 train/vehicle crashes, 27 of which occurred at gated crossings. To try to prevent future accidents at the crossings, Michigan has volunteered to test a new crossing barricade. These unique, retractable "delineators" rise from the pavement to discourage drivers from driving around the lowered crossing gate arms to beat approaching trains. The delineators reach their full deployment in about six seconds, are activated by a signal from the crossing-gate system and rise up just following the lowering of the gate arms. They are reflective -- some are even lit for better visibility -- and the system works even if one delineator fails. Sponsored by the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Federal Railroad Administration and Norfolk Southern Railway, the pilot project, launched in December, will be monitored by cameras at the site throughout the 17-month test period. Visit MDOT's Web site to learn more about the pilot and watch a video of the barricades in action.