About 26 percent of the Southeast is experiencing an "exceptional drought" -- the National Weather Service's worst drought category. For North Carolina, 2007 was the driest year on record, leading to water-use restrictions that cover 79 percent of the state's residents. To further bolster water-conservation efforts, Gov. Mike Easley called on residents to cut their water use by as much as 50 percent and launched a Web site that allows residents to monitor water conservation efforts through a statewide, searchable database of local water systems. Users can search their communities by selecting their public water system, county or river basin. Clicking on the name of their town or water system will bring up a graph showing the daily water use by "gallons per day." The site also lists what drought advisories counties are currently under, and offers water-conservation tips. The data is updated weekly, and at last report, water use is down by varying percentages in all reporting counties.