Physicians practicing in rural areas typically have little or no access to high-speed Internet, and as result can't take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in medical technology. To help rural physicians in Tennessee increase clincal quality, reduce unnecessary costs and streamline workflows, TennCare and Shared Health, a private health IT company, have launched a pilot program to provide electronic prescribing tools at no cost to 50 rural physician practices in 13 counties. The pilot provides everything they'll need to get started, including Internet connections, training and support, as well as e-prescibing software. The software connects physicians to a medication database, and provides prescription histories, drug interaction data, dosage levels and real-time notificiation of formulary status. The pilot will run until June 30, when TennCare and Shared Health plan to analyze the program, and determine whether to expand it. To learn more, contact Shared Health at 423-535-2900.