Nashville's ReBuild Clinics

Nashville residents affected by flash floods have a day dedicated for meeting with a team of volunteer advisers on how to create a rebuilding and recovery plan.
by | May 20, 2010 AT 5:00 PM

Earlier this month, Nashville received more than 13 inches of rain over the course of two days, resulting in record-breaking flash floods. Reports from a press conference cite officials estimating that about 16,800 dwellings have been damaged. One part of Mayor Karl Dean's recovery plan calls for a day of ReBuild Clinics, where residents can make appointments at one of six area locations to create plans for recovery and rebuilding. At the clinics, owners or renters can meet with a team of volunteer professionals who can provide construction, financial and legal advice at no cost on things like FEMA payments and potential building condemnation. Those who attend a session can also request follow-up case management, as well as additional appointments at area nonprofits.