New Phone App for Filing Federal and State Taxes

With a few days left, iPhone and Android users can file their taxes with a few clicks.
by | April 14, 2011 AT 3:05 PM

With only a few days left before the April 18 deadline, people who haven't filed their taxes yet (whether they were expecting the federal government to shutdown or just kept putting it off) can now do so with their smartphone. SnapTax -- the first app for preparing and filing taxes -- is available for iPhones and Androids. Users simply take a picture of their tax forms, answer a few questions, and then hit "File Now" -- all while instantly seeing how much they'll owe and how much they'll get back from both the federal and state government. Downloading the app is free, but procrastinators must pay a price to file federal and one state tax return -- $19.99. SnapTax isn't for everyone, though. Only 1040EZ filers who have uncomplicated income to report, no children, no home in their name and earn less than $80,000 ($100,000 if married) can take advantage.