NYC to Pilot Multifunction Phone Booths

Smart screens will collect data for the city while providing neighborhood information to users.
by | April 16, 2012 AT 8:00 PM

New York City – In the cellular age pay phone booths have become out-dated and underutilized. Under a new pilot program the city will allow City24x7 to install 32-inch smart screens in 250 phone booths around the five boroughs reports the New York Post. The pilot booths will be free to users and provide local neighborhood information including restaurant listings, traffic, landmarks, current store sales and safety information. Users can access the information in multiple languages and will also be able to file complaints or request information from the city. They can also be used to make public announcements about city programs and other events. The screens are water and dustproof and sturdy enough to be cleaned with a jet hose and may eventually be wired to make Skype calls and have full internet access. If successful it is possible that the city will replace all 12,800 pay phones with the new screens. The pilot is slated to start next month.