Drunk driving leads to more deaths during the Christmas and New Year's holiday period then the rest of the year. About four in 10 of the daily traffic fatalities during the holidays involve alcohol, compared with about three in 10 the rest of the year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To warn motorists about the dangers of drunk driving, Texas launched a new state program this month that lets family and friends of victims of drunk-driving accidents purchase memorial signs to be placed near the crash site. The signs, which cost $300 to defray production costs, have the victim's name, date of crash and the phrases "Please Don't Drink and Drive" and "In Memory of...". The program requires that fatal crashes must have occurred on a state highway and bans memorializing impaired drivers killed in a traffic crash. An erected memorial sign will remain in place for one year, after which it will be offered to the people who applied for it. To learn more, click here.