Making Emissions Testing Less of a Hassle

Tennessee is reigniting the use of remote sensing technology to test emissions while vehicles are on the road.
by | May 16, 2011 AT 3:15 PM

More than a decade after Colorado first began testing emissions while cars are on the road, Tennessee has decided to see if the same technology will satisfy its drivers. Beginning in June, residents of Williamson County, Tenn., will become trial subjects for a remote sensing system that has the potential to catch hazardous vehicles earlier. When someone accelerates onto an Interstate 65 highway ramp, the infrared technology will measure the vehicle’s exhaust while a camera snaps a picture of the license plate. If the vehicle receives two “clean” marks, the owner receives a letter allowing him or her to skip the station-based emissions test that year and send the test fee in by mail. The voluntary pilot program will last one year, at which point officials will decide whether or not to expand it, reports the Tennessean. In addition to Colorado, only Virginia and Texas have made sensing systems a permanent program.