Renewable energy and energy efficiency industries have the potential to generate more than $4.5 trillion in revenues and create 40 million jobs in the United States by 2030. For Michigan, growing its energy sector is a way to reverse over a decade of job losses. To that end, state programs dealing with energy -- everything from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified construction to the development of biofuels and hybrid power -- is being folded into the Department of Labor and Economic Growth, which will be renamed the Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth. By bringing these various efforts together under one roof, Michigan is aiming to eliminate redundancies among state departments and "create an efficient alignment of all the state's tools and resources to focus with laser-like precision on leading the nation in the new evolving energy sectors." The realigned DELEG will help facilitate development of advanced technologies used to develop electric cars and metal fabrication, which is critical to the state's efforts to revitalize its auto industry. The consolidated department was established by executive order, and went into effect Dec. 28.