Nearly 90 percent of South Carolina residents said they would purchase state-grown produce if it were competitively priced and of good quality, according to the state Department of Agriculture. Here's their chance: Agriculture officials have unveiled a new effort to brand locally grown produce. The campaign will label apples, watermelon, tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables with "Certified SC Grown" stickers starting in June. Television, billboard and print advertisements will run concurrently, and within three years the campaign will expand to include all of the state's agricultural and manufactured products, including shrimp, soybeans and forestry products. Officials are hoping the program will lift state pride, boost agriculture revenue, contribute to rural economic development by driving the demand for more diversity and availability of homegrown products, and preserve open space by keeping farms operating. Modeled after a similar program in New Jersey, where the Garden State saw more than a $50 return for each dollar spent, the South Carolikna department has also launched a Web site,, which features recipes, stores and roadside stands that sell the state's produce and a calendar that shows when produce is in season. To take part, farmers can register for free with the department.