As generations pass on and historic buildings and neighborhoods are torn down or allowed to deteriorate, our pasts mostly disappear with them. To help preserve its history, the state of Georgia has created a program to collect photographs for its archive's permanent collection. The program, Virtual Georgia, encourages Georgians, or anyone with photographs related to the state's past, to upload them to the archive's Web site through March 1, 2008. Archive staff will review each submission and choose those that will be of continuing historical research value. Once approved, the images become part of the permanent collection and many become available online through the archive's searchable databases. Virtual Georgia is based on an earlier program called Vanishing Georgia, which between 1975 and 1986 traveled throughout the state and copied historically significant photographs held by individuals. During Vanishing Georgia, the state preserved nearly 18,000 photographs. To browse the collections or learn more about Virtual Georgia, visit