Infrared Technology for Repairing Roads

Several municipalities have found a quicker way to reduce the costs and traffic associated with road repairs.
by | June 6, 2011 AT 4:30 PM

Never-ending road repairs are inconvenient to the drivers sitting in traffic caused by them and expensive for the governments that pay for them. A few municipalities have discovered something that fixes both of those issues. In Commerce City, Colo., and several cities in Tennessee, road crews are using infrared technology to repair potholes, trench cuts and other asphalt damages. Traditional repairs replace the old asphalt with new, but this technology recycles most of the original asphalt, which requires less labor and equipment to do so. For one Connecticut-based government contractor, making the switch to infrared reduced several hours of work into 20 minutes, requiring two laborers and one truck for road repairs -- all resulting in about half the cost. And once the repairs are finished, cars can drive on the road immediately, saving the drivers from headaches and the government from spending more funds.