Minneapolis Uses Foursquare to Share Tips with Citizens

The city aims to promote its services and programs with people who check-in around the city.
by | January 23, 2012 AT 4:20 PM

The social network Foursquare allows people to let others know where they are by virtually "checking in" at locations. The City of Minneapolis could be seen as a leader for using the network to advertise local programs to people most likely to be interested in them, according to a press release. For example, if a person following the city on Foursquare checks into a dog park or pet store, they'll see a tip from the city about how to license a pet. The city is also using the network to encourage students to apply for its summer jobs program and inform city hall visitors on how they can access City Council meeting minutes. Right now, the city's Foursquare page only has 155 followers, but the city has a good track record with social media -- more than 13,000 people follow its Twitter account.