Finding Summer Employment for Crossing Guards

Having crossing guards write parking tickets ends their paycheck-less summers and generates more money for the city.
by | August 4, 2011 AT 3:00 PM

The job of getting children safely to school is a noble one, but it's also an unstable one. Every summer, school crossing guards face months without a paycheck if they don't guard during summer school sessions or secure other employment. Recognizing this issue, Chicago has found a way to guarantee summer income to more crossing guards while increasing the city's revenue: hire them to write parking tickets, reports The Expired Meter. After a day of training at the police academy, up to six crossing guards in each of Chicago's 25 police districts can spend six weeks writing parking tickets for cars with expired meters, cars parked in tow-away zones and a host of other violations. With up to 150 more people writing tickets, the new program that started as a pilot last summer is expected to generate extra funds for the city.