The technology isn't new, but the Web site is. The Vegetable Oil Exchange, created by officials in Montgomery County, Md., aims to make it easier for drivers of cars fueled by vegetable oil to hook up with restaurants looking to get rid of the stuff. The site lets business owners and drivers post oil offers and requests, and it links to resources on the alternative fuel. All exchanges on the site must be free of charge, making it a win-win for both sides: Restaurant owners currently pay hundreds of dollars to have used oil hauled away, while drivers sometimes find it hard to come across. Cars running on vegetable oil make up a small portion of the alternative-fuel market, but county officials hope the site will encourage more residents across the region to try it. The Sandy Spring Friends School in the county already runs its bus fleet on biodiesel refined from used cooking oil, and--for just a few hundred dollars--drivers of diesel cars can buy a conversion kit to burn vegetable oil. The fuel gets great mileage and pollutes less, and drivers still get the same performance from their vehicles. To learn more, visit