City of Maricopa Profiles Local Businesses for TV and YouTube

Featuring Maricopa business owners through city channels provides credibility and publicity, and encourages citizens to buy local.
by | February 17, 2011 AT 5:00 PM

Getting citizens to shop locally has its benefits: Tax revenue stays close to home and customers can be secure in their purchases knowing that they are doing business with a neighbor. The city of Maricopa, Ariz., is helping promote local businesses by giving them attention on TV and on the Web. This past holiday season, city officials offered to send a production crew to interview 12 local business owners at their shop, home or at City Hall (for free) and air their interviews on the city's television channel and on YouTube. Eager businesses filled the production slots within two days and officials had to create a waiting list. Now, Maricopa businesses have another opportunity to show off their wares and services through the city's “Business Beat” feature, which will highlight a different business every week on TV and online throughout 2011. Officials say that they have 20 applications for the program, giving them five months of programming currently. And the only cost incurred is staff time. The initial videos are currently being edited and are expected to air in March. In addition, participating businesses will get tips from officials on how to embed their videos on their business's website and how to create a social media presence for marketing their business.

Tina Trenkner
Tina Trenkner | Deputy Editor, |  |  @tinatrenkner