A Quieter Commute

New Jersey Transit is implementing a program that offers a more serene environment for those who enjoy a quiet commute.
by | July 22, 2010 AT 5:00 PM

Soon, riding New Jersey commuter trains could be a quieter experience. In early September, New Jersey Transit will implement a 90-day pilot program in which the first and last cars of express trains running between Trenton and New York City will be designated as “Quiet Commute” cars. Passengers in these cars will be prohibited from using cell phones and required to disable sound features on pagers, computers and other electronics. Personal music-playing devices will still be allowed, but headphone volumes must be inaudible to other passengers. Transit systems in California, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, along with select Amtrak routes, have offered or currently offer quiet cars, but NJ Transit will be the largest transit system to offer this feature. The riders – who have consistently requested some sort of quiet-commute program – will supply the feedback that will decide whether or not to make quiet cars a permanent feature.