The nation's transportation sector is 97 percent reliant on oil. With the price of crude hitting a record $135 a barrel and alternative fuels and vehicle technologies still in their infancy, states and localities are facing some real economic hardships, not to mention concerns about the environment. The National Governors Association's Greener Fuels, Greener Vehicles: A State Resource Guide delves into these concerns by taking a detailed look at the many alternative fuels and vehicle technologies available in the marketplace today. It describes innovations coming in the future -- explaining their benefits and limitations -- and examines how some states are eliminating the roadblocks that prevent the adoption of greener fuels and technologies. The guide also outlines four policy actions states and localities can take to develop green alternatives, such as providing financial incentives, passing rules and mandates, using states' considerable purchasing power, and investing in research and demonstration efforts. To download the guide, click here.