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California legislators approved a new approach to mental health care that allows judges to issue treatment plans for people with certain diagnoses.
The city of Los Angeles uses a scoring system for subsidized housing gives Black and Latino people experiencing homelessness lower priority scores.
MyEListing allows Texans to list commercial and residential properties in either cash or cryptocurrency. One property is available for $500,000 cash, 17.5 bitcoin or 256 etherium.
There are lots of ideas out there for bringing the numbers down. But so far nothing seems to work better than simply getting a roof over their heads, even if it’s only a dilapidated motel room.
A new report from the Urban Institute attempts to measure the impact of a broad array of zoning reforms on housing supply and cost. The effects are significant, but very small, researchers found.
The state's lawmakers adopted a broad-based package of housing reforms in a fast-moving legislative session. But a provision that bans local rent control has angered tenant advocates.
New research points to the policy and market conditions that help spread these small rental units which can be added to existing properties and ease housing shortages.