Hurricane Harvey Rains Down On Louisiana: WIG Member and Alumna Lead in Place

WIG Alumnae are active in their communities - in good times and bad. Weston Broome and Stokes are helping to lead the response to Harvey.
September 15, 2017 AT 6:00 PM
By Julia Burrows  |  Contributor
Former Director of the Governing Institute

Louisiana felt the impacts of Hurricane Harvey as well with significant rainfall, winds and emergency preparedness efforts. Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome (Class of 2015) led the emergency notification and protection efforts for the people of Baton Rouge as they prepared for Hurricane Harvey. 
The Advocated reported that "Weston Broome ordered the parish's emergency operations command center activated ... but stopped short of declaring a state of emergency. She said to [have done] so would indicate the threat outstrips the community's capacity to respond, which at that point was unlikely."
Baton Rouge suffered flooding in 2016 including the Mayor’s home and campaign office. 
Rep. Julie Stokes (Class of 2017) representing Kenner, LA reflected a similar guarded hopefulness in a Facebook post:
“... our friends in Texas and Southwest Louisiana are recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and making its way toward Florida. My heart goes out to everyone who has been or will be affected, and the life-altering changes in their future."
Twelve years ago, Hurricane Katrina resulted in major changes for my family - for better or for worse - that set us on the path to today. I know that many of you understand exactly how that feels. We as Louisianians have the opportunity to lead the way by lending a helping hand - like our Cajun Navy - or by making a donation to a reputable charitable organization.” 
Julia Burrows | Contributor