About the Governing Institute

The Governing Institute is a three-year-old initiative of Governing and e.Republic focused on improving state and local government performance and strengthening public-sector innovation, leadership and citizen engagement. It is led by Mark Funkhouser, who is the Publisher of Governing magazine. Previously, he was mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, from 2007 to 2011, a position to which he was elected after serving as that city’s Auditor for 18 years. During his tenure, Funkhouser relied heavily on his expertise in public finance to lead the city from the brink of bankruptcy back to fiscal health. Mark holds a BA from Thiel College, an MSW from West Virginia University, an MBA from Tennessee State University, and an interdisciplinary PhD in public administration and sociology from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.
Since 1987, GOVERNING has provided state and local leaders with the non-partisan information, insight and intelligence needed to govern effectively.   As a catalyst for innovation, GOVERNING is dedicated to covering the politics, policies and programs essential to this audience.  See
GOVERNING is a division of e.Republic, a national publishing, event and research company focused on smart media for public sector innovation. See