Fewer People Are Getting Degrees in Public Service

It's hard to say, though, whether this is a temporary adjustment or a long-term trend.

By Mike Maciag  |  May 19, 2017
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How Much Do States Rely on Federal Funding?

There's a wide range of dependence across and within the states. Here's a state-by-state look at how welfare, education and roads could be impacted by the next budget that Trump signs.

By Mike Maciag  |  May 22, 2017
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Politics & Elections

The Citizens Most Vocal in Local Government

Citizen participation in local government is abysmally low, but a national survey shows what types of people are most and least likely people to speak up.

By Mike Maciag  |  July 1, 2014
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Public Safety & Justice

Who Crime Victims Are and How They View Justice Reform

Key takeaways from recent surveys about crime's impact on victims.

By Michael Maciag  |  August 12, 2016
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Governing Workforce Survey: 2013

Survey results assess the state of the public employee workforce.

By Michael Maciag  |  July 24, 2013
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Which Services Are Citizens Most, Least Satisfied With?

View results of a national government satisfaction survey.

By Mike Maciag  |  March 11, 2013
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