Cyber-Security in Government: Problems and Solutions

January 26
Duration: 1 hour

Over the past decade, the availability and use of e-government services has increased rapidly. But the efficiency and convenience of online government services is not without its risks. Instances of cyber-crime are growing faster than e-government. To combat this serious danger to citizen privacy, public safety and government operations, state and local agencies need to make securing their IT systems a top priority.

But how do you elevate IT security when you consider the costs, the federated control of IT, the rise of mobile computing and competition with the private sector for qualified security workers? These issues have frustrated public officials at times, but there are answers to these questions when it comes to state and local funding, governance, strategies and staffing to combat cyber-security threats and vulnerabilities.

Join us on Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 2 p.m. ET as GOVERNING Editor Tod Newcombe leads a live, interactive online forum on this critical topic.

Participants will...

  • learn how their peers are confronting cyber-security threats
  • have the opportunity to address questions to top government cyber security experts
  • learn best practices that can be implemented right now to protect their sensitive data



Larry Kettewell
Chief Information Security Officer
State of Kansas

Daniel Lohrmann
Chief Technology Officer
State of Michigan

Tod Newcombe