October 27
10:30AM PT, 1:30PM ET


COVID-19 has created significant economic challenges for small businesses throughout the country, especially businesses owned by people of color. The continued fight against systemic racial discrimination compounds the urgency of addressing these challenges. In 2018, Living Cities and the Citi Foundation launched the City Accelerator on Local Business and Job Growth to provide an opportunity for five cities to work collaboratively over the course of a year to find innovative ways to drive local economic opportunity and help entrepreneurs, particularly people of color, start and grow their businesses.

On Oct. 27, Governing is being joined by speakers from three of these cities and cohort lead, Rodrick Miller, to share their lessons learned from the City Accelerator and help local government leaders learn how to better support small businesses during this difficult time. Register now for this timely and informative webcast to learn more about:

- The importance of partnerships and collaboration in improving racial and economic equality
- Real-life examples of practices and policies cities can implement to create jobs and opportunities for people of color
- The key principles that can help cities form an effective inclusive growth strategy


Zach Patton

Zach Patton — Moderator

Chief Editor, Governing and Government Techinology


Dr. Lomax Campbell

Director of Office of Community Wealth Building, City of Rochester


Rebecca Kauma

Economic and Digital Inclusion Program Manager, City of Long Beach


Erick Serrato

Assistant Executive Director, Pacific Gateway, both from City of Long Beach


Aimee Olivas

Socioeconomic Compliance Officer, City of El Paso