October 9

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More than 130 Americans die from opioid-related overdoses every day. Government leaders throughout the country are making it a top priority to combat this epidemic.

Because the opioid crisis touches multiple public sector agencies – from health and human services to law enforcement to the judicial and child welfare systems – bridging the gap between data housed in these disparate systems and using real-time analytics tools is a huge opportunity for state government leaders to better understand at-risk populations and take meaningful steps to save more lives.

Join the Governing Institute on October 9 at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern as our panel of experts – including Vermont’s state commissioner of health, Utah’s state attorney general, and the DEA’s Utah district agent in charge -- discusses some of the key unmet needs and challenges state leaders have in leveraging their data – and how to overcome them.

Join us for one hour and you’ll find out:

  • How your peers in other states are using their data to respond to the opioid crisis – based on our recent survey of 53 leaders across 47 states
  • Key best practices – including using non-traditional data in a shared environment to achieve a 360-degree view of the crisis, and improve patient engagement and treatment strategies.
  • Taking action – critical steps for success



Dr. Mark Levine

Commissioner of Health, State of Vermont


Sean Reyes

Attorney General, State of Utah


Brian Besser

District Agent in Charge, State of Utah, Drug Enforcement Agency


Trey Harrison

Director of Business Development, Health and Human Services, LexisNexis Risk Solutions


Harry Black — Moderator

Governing Institute Senior Fellow