December 6

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Overseeing the financial operations of a county of nearly 400,000 people is no small task. To ensure it continues to deliver timely services to the public, agencies and school districts, the Placer County Auditor-Controller’s office in California turned to a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. On this webinar, Auditor-Controller Andrew Sisk discusses how the cloud will help the county remain flexible to adapt to the evolving financial environment and maintain transparency with the public. Join us on Dec. 6 at 11am PST to learn how to bring these same capabilities to your jurisdiction.


We will also discuss:

  • The various benefits cloud-based ERP brings to government
  • Best practices for transitioning to a hosted solution
  • How a cloud-based ERP solution can better prepare government for the future


Andrew Sisk

Andrew Sisk

Auditor Controller of County of Placer

Sherry Amos

Sherry Amos

Director of Market Development at Workday

Charles Chieppo

Charles Chieppo — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Governing Institute