April 26

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There is no shortage of data in government, but public sector leaders are often challenged to use it effectively to improve programs and services. Although 60 percent of city leaders in a 2017 Governing Institute survey said budget allocations are oriented toward results, only 40 percent said the city does well in evaluating and eliminating programs that are not producing positive outcomes. But what if government leaders could be equipped with real-time finance and workforce data to drive better decision-making? Join us on April 26th at 11 AM PST to learn how technologies, like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, are evolving to better support a data-driven, outcome-based government.

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  • What does an outcome-driven government look like?
  • How can government leaders better access and interpret the finance and workforce data they need to make more informed decisions?
  • How does an ERP system enable this and how is the technology evolving to better support this performance-based work?


John Nixon

John Nixon — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Governing Institute

Mark Funkhouser

Mark Funkhouser

Publisher, Governing

Dan Wesley

Dan Wesley

Chief Technology Officer, North America, Workday