July 12

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Agency finance teams are under constant pressure to deliver better outcomes for their leadership and constituents. The problem is, many enterprise-wide financial systems of record don’t meet agency-specific needs. To compensate, teams are forced to run their operations on a fragmented assortment of systems and processes that make it difficult to deliver on the agency’s mission and demonstrate ROI.

Learn how modern, cloud-based finance solutions can boost your agency’s performance and effectiveness. Join us July 12th to hear how your peers are gaining efficiency, agility and transparency. This interactive 60-minute webcast will feature interactive discussion and demonstrate key benefits of a modern financial system: efficiency, accuracy, transparency, agility and usability.

 Create efficiencies by digitizing time-consuming tasks and creating integration points
 Reduce financial risk by aggregating data and creating a single source of truth
 Deliver valuable business insights and answer questions about your business



Charles Chieppo

Charles Chieppo

Senior Fellow, Governing Institute, and Former Policy Director with the Massachusetts' Executive Office for Administration and Finance

Doug Bell

Doug Bell

Dynamics 365 Specialist, Microsoft

Julia Burrows

Julia Burrows — Moderator

Director, The Governing Institute