Greg Sundstrom

City Manager, City of Grand Rapids
August 15, 2017 AT 11:00 AM

Greg Sundstrom, alongside Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, has assembled a strong team of city employees that is leading a two-year effort called Racial Equity Here. Grand Rapids is part of a five-city national cohort that’s working to apply a racial equity lens to municipal operations. The city has already accomplished a number of goals, such as hiring its most diverse police recruit class in history, and directly addressing racial disparities in traffic stops. Under Sundstrom’s strong leadership, the city’s new Racial Equity Plan includes goals to make certain that resources are expended equitably, communities of color fairly benefit in the economic prosperity of the city, and city services are equitably distributed and delivered.

Sundstrom was born in Spokane, Washington. He graduated from Jenison High School, attended the University of Michigan and graduated from Grand Valley State University. He began working for the City of Grand Rapids as a seasonal employee in 1981 and progressed to an entry-level permanent employee in 1986. During the past 32 years as a city employee, Sundstrom has worked in more than 13 different positions during his career with the city and served as the Chief Services Officer and Deputy City Manager prior to his appointment as City Manager. Sundstrom names customer service as the city’s highest priority. In his own words, “Together, as citizens and businesses prioritize services over the next year, if the city were to provide only one service, it will be provided well, with courtesy and respect for our customers.”


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