Andrew Maxwell

Director of Policy and Innovation, City of Syracuse
March 23, 2017 AT 11:00 AM
Smartly Resourced

Andrew Maxwell serves as Director of Policy and Innovation for the City of Syracuse, NY. In this role, he serves as a top policy advisor to Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner and is the founding director of the Mayor’s Office of Innovation at Syracuse City Hall.

Maxwell previously served as Director of the Syracuse-Onondaga County Planning Agency (SOCPA) under Mayor Miner and Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, beginning in June of 2013. The agency acts as a consolidated planning department for both the City of Syracuse and Onondaga County, and performs planning, zoning, geographic information systems, sustainability, historic preservation, public art and urban design functions for the City and County.

As Director, Maxwell worked to promote sound planning in Syracuse and Onondaga County that fosters greater economic vitality, environmental stewardship and improved quality of life. Maxwell reorganized SOCPA, emphasizing smart-growth planning and support services to Onondaga County’s 19 Towns and 15 Villages, as well as the City of Syracuse. He oversaw the completion of the City of Syracuse Comprehensive Plan: 2040, the most detailed and extensive municipal plan in the city’s history. This plan has led to the initiation of the City’s first-ever effort to holistically rewrite its zoning ordinance to improve predictability in the development community and create better outcomes for neighborhoods.

As a planner, policy advisor and now chief of innovation citywide, Maxwell brings a wealth of experience to difficult city issues. Maxwell’s leadership of the i-team in Syracuse has contributed bold new thinking in how to address the city’s deteriorating infrastructure. However, it’s not just about the new toys and technologies that will make improvements smarter and more efficient, but the broader application of how improved roads and water resources fundamentally improve the lives of Syracuse residents. In thinking big and rolling-up-his-sleeves to implement big ideas, Maxwell demonstrates daily what it means to bring dynamic planning and being smartly resourced together.

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