Dp Dynamically Planned

A dynamically planned city is rooted in aspiration and accountability. The city charter boldly and publicly declares not just what the city does but what it will be – serving as both a foundation and catalyst for dynamic city plans that are strategic, inclusive, and reflect the billion-dollar budgets and industriousness of the thousands of employees and residents available to implement them. They also live up to the gravity and urgency of the seemingly-intractable issues to be tackled and solved for the city to be successful long into the future. Transparency of vision becomes transparency in performance for residents and all stakeholders in the form of systems that reveal the presence (or absence) of progress on key goals. Altogether, being dynamically planned keeps the vision and reality of city-building front-and-center, fresh and relevant.

2017 Equipt Report: Becoming a High-Performing City, A Benchmark Study

The comprehensive findings from the inaugural Equipt to Innovate survey.

2019 Equipt Report: Governing & Living Cities Announce High-Performing Cities From the Third Equipt To Innovate Survey

Top-ranking cities featured at Governing’s annual Summit on Government Performance and Innovation.

The Role of Mobility Master Plans in Dynamic Planning

Communities that have a long-term transportation plan not only can help their residents get around, they can improve overall quality of life.

Creating Places People Want to Visit

Cities can make low-cost changes to breathe new life into old spaces.

Hope Tribble

Director of Audit and Performance, City of Indianapolis-Marion County

Getting Innovation Off the Ground

How a single step forward can start cities down the path of becoming equipt.

Comprehensive Planning Key to Achieving Racial Equity

Cities need to take a wider view of their programs and services to ensure they reach all populations.

City Halls Are Increasingly Innovative AND Trustworthy

Local governments are investment-worthy because of their position in solving some of our toughest social problems. They’re also more trustworthy than in the past.

Governing & Living Cities Announce High-Performing Cities from Second Annual Equipt Survey

Top-ranking cities featured at Governing’s annual Summit on Government Performance and Innovation

2018 Equipt Report: Cities Make Progress, Face Continuing Challenges in Governing

A growing number of cities are performing well in the essentials of fiscal responsibility, racial equity, resident engagement and evidence-based policymaking.

State and Local Leaders are Setting an Agenda for the Country’s Biggest Challenges

To overcome hurdles, leaders need a solid framework to help implement successful policies and the right mix of collaboration and innovation.

Making Detroit Cool Again

How dynamic planning can bring revitalization to communities

Finding the Burning Man Within

Behind the dynamic plans that shape our communities are dynamic people.

Planting the Seed of Change

Practical strategies to help cities become equipt for innovation

Capturing City Stories

A snapshot of the benchmark survey results from the inaugural Equipt to Innovate survey.

New Study Identifies the Best Cities for Good Government

The first of a now annual report details what cities are doing well and where they could improve.

Prioritizing Mom and Pop

Cities that support local businesses can boost community engagement and the economy.

Voices from Forgotten Cities

Cities are talking, but who is listening? Living Cities and Governing want to help enhance your city’s voice.

Dynamically Planned: Make Only Big Plans, The Sequel

Most cities' grand plans aren't grand enough to meet the challenges they face.

Realizing the Innovation Dividend

Why Being Equipt Matters for America’s Cities.

The Innovation Equation

Working with Living Cities, Governing has identified a set of seven elements that constitute a framework for fostering the innovation cities need.

How a Crime- and Corruption-Plagued County Is Thriving

Rushern Baker has led Prince George’s County, Md., from the grips of economic recession and political corruption to its most promising point in recent memory.

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