Dd Data Driven

A data-driven city leads with its priorities and lets the technology and data follow. It uses technology and opens data to ask better questions, foster deeper understanding and get better results in solving tough city problems. The city shares information broadly to help programs achieve evidence-based success and have a real impact in the lives of residents.

Satisfying, Successful Engagements

Getting buy-in from employees leads to greater productivity – and upward opportunity.

The Race to Race-Informed

Creating a race-informed city requires a broad range of approaches

Understanding the Benefits of a Data-Driven Government

Cities have come a long way in using data to inform decision-making, but progress can still be made.

The Spirit of Bourbonism: How Industry Data is Being Used to Drive Economic Development

An entrepreneurial spirit and the right information can help communities make sound investments.

San Diego Serves Up a Data-Driven Culture

Transparency, prioritization and a cultural shift are required for other cities to follow suit

Hope Tribble

Director of Audit and Performance, City of Indianapolis-Marion County

Getting Innovation Off the Ground

How a single step forward can start cities down the path of becoming equipt.

City Halls Are Increasingly Innovative AND Trustworthy

Local governments are investment-worthy because of their position in solving some of our toughest social problems. They’re also more trustworthy than in the past.

Governing & Living Cities Announce High-Performing Cities from Second Annual Equipt Survey

Top-ranking cities featured at Governing’s annual Summit on Government Performance and Innovation

Cities Make Progress, Face Continuing Challenges in Governing Well: Survey

A growing number of cities are performing well in the essentials of fiscal responsibility, racial equity, resident engagement and evidence-based policymaking.

State and Local Leaders are Setting an Agenda for the Country’s Biggest Challenges

To overcome hurdles, leaders need a solid framework to help implement successful policies and the right mix of collaboration and innovation.

The Need for Data Disaggregation

How communities can use data to help minority subgroups succeed.

Planting the Seed of Change

Practical strategies to help cities become equipt for innovation

Jeff Carter

Executive Director of the Innovation Team, City of Mobile

Capturing City Stories

A snapshot of the benchmark survey results from the inaugural Equipt to Innovate survey.

Data-Driven: The People Behind the Numbers

It’s easy for governments to get lost in the numbers, but a key to successful communities is remembering the people impacted by them.

New Study Identifies the Best Cities for Good Government

The first of a now annual report details what cities are doing well and where they could improve.

Realizing the Innovation Dividend

Why Being Equipt Matters for America’s Cities.

Innovation Does Not Take Place in Just One Place

Working with Living Cities, Governing has identified a set of seven elements that constitute a framework for fostering the innovation cities need.

The Innovation Equation

Working with Living Cities, Governing has identified a set of seven elements that constitute a framework for fostering the innovation cities need.

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