Bp Broadly Partnered

A broadly-partnered city taps expertise across its own departments, neighboring communities and like-minded organizations to get stuff done better, faster, cheaper – learning from their experiences along the way. Instead of going it alone and trying to solve problems within a silo, broadly-partnered cities use their networks of relationships spanning the private, philanthropic, non-profit and academic communities to help extend their capacity to better meet the needs of underserved community members.

The Race to Race-Informed

Creating a race-informed city requires a broad range of approaches

Partnering to Create Gender Parity

Some steps cities can take to increase female representation in local government.

A Culture of Collaboration

Creating a foundation for broadly partnering and involving citizens along the way.

Hope Tribble

Director of Audit and Performance, City of Indianapolis-Marion County

Getting Innovation Off the Ground

How a single step forward can start cities down the path of becoming equipt.

City Halls Are Increasingly Innovative AND Trustworthy

Local governments are investment-worthy because of their position in solving some of our toughest social problems. They’re also more trustworthy than in the past.

Governing & Living Cities Announce High-Performing Cities from Second Annual Equipt Survey

Top-ranking cities featured at Governing’s annual Summit on Government Performance and Innovation

Cities Make Progress, Face Continuing Challenges in Governing Well: Survey

A growing number of cities are performing well in the essentials of fiscal responsibility, racial equity, resident engagement and evidence-based policymaking.

Helping Families Get on Solid Ground

How partnering broadly and taking a systems approach can start to tackle homelessness

Finding Private Sector Solutions to Public Sector Problems

Boston’s bid to attract bigger companies requires developing new partnerships.

Creating Innovation Communities

How the public sector can play its part in helping businesses lead

Ashleigh Gardere

Senior Advisor to Mayor Mitch Landrieu, City of New Orleans

Planting the Seed of Change

Practical strategies to help cities become equipt for innovation

Capturing City Stories

A snapshot of the benchmark survey results from the inaugural Equipt to Innovate survey.

New Study Identifies the Best Cities for Good Government

The first of a now annual report details what cities are doing well and where they could improve.

Broadly Partnered: Tapping the Whole Community on the Tough Stuff

Cities are breaking the traditional barriers inside government to partner outside for success.

Voices from Forgotten Cities

Cities are talking, but who is listening? Living Cities and Governing want to help enhance your city’s voice.

Realizing the Innovation Dividend

Why Being Equipt Matters for America’s Cities.

Innovation Does Not Take Place in Just One Place

Working with Living Cities, Governing has identified a set of seven elements that constitute a framework for fostering the innovation cities need.

The Innovation Equation

Working with Living Cities, Governing has identified a set of seven elements that constitute a framework for fostering the innovation cities need.

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