2019 Equipt Report: Governing & Living Cities Announce High-Performing Cities From the Third Equipt To Innovate Survey

Top-ranking cities featured at Governing’s annual Summit on Government Performance and Innovation.
June 5, 2019 AT 11:00 AM
Data-Driven Employee-Engaged Race-Informed Broadly Partnered Dynamically Planned Resident-Involved Smartly Resourced

Governing recently announced the top-ranking cities from the third annual national Equipt to Innovate survey, which show a growing number of cities are investing in and building the many things that make communities good places for people to live.

Equipt to Innovate is a joint initiative launched by Living Cities and Governing magazine. It is an integrated, collaborative framework anchored in seven key characteristics of high-performance government — being dynamically planned, broadly partnered, resident-involved, race-informed, smartly resourced, employee-engaged and data-driven.

Equipt sets a purposefully high bar across all seven elements, and the third annual survey shows many cities are rising up to meet it. Sixty-six cities participated in the 2019 survey, bringing the three-year total to 144 cities.

“Mayors and city managers know that innovation is the key to high performance, but they also know they cannot simply demand that staff innovate,” says Mark Funkhouser, publisher of Governing. “The key is for cities to create conditions that spur innovation and that’s what our Equipt to Innovate survey measures. The results of this, the third annual Equipt to Innovate survey, show that cities are continuing to actively build their capacity to create vibrant communities of engaged residents.”

Based on the results of the third annual survey and analysis, San Diego, Calif., was named the top- performing city overall.

Top-ranking cities were also identified in each of the core elements:

  • Dynamically Planned – Dallas, TX
  • Broadly Partnered – Louisville, KY
  • Resident-Involved – Baltimore, MD
  • Race-Informed – San Diego, CA
  • Smartly Resourced – San Antonio, TX
  • Employee-Engaged – El Paso, TX
  • Data-Driven – Grand Rapids, MI

The high-performing cities will be formally recognized at the 2019 Summit on Government Performance & Innovation, an annual gathering of innovators, public sector change-agents, disrupters and civic entrepreneurs from around the country interested in making government work better for local communities.

For a comprehensive overview of the survey findings and a discussion of how cities fared across the categories, download the report “Profiles in High-Performance Government: Cities on the Move” at www.governing.com/equipt.