2017 Equipt Report: Becoming a High-Performing City, A Benchmark Study

The comprehensive findings from the inaugural Equipt to Innovate survey.
July 12, 2019 AT 11:00 AM
Race-Informed Resident-Involved Broadly Partnered Data-Driven Dynamically Planned Employee-Engaged Smartly Resourced

The Equipt report is a comprehensive overview of the inaugural survey findings and a discussion of how cities fared across the seven elements of the Equipt to Innovate framework:

  • Dynamically Planned: Designing and managing city structures, and helping to shape urban life and culture for the benefit of all
  • Broadly Partnered: Partnering with allied parties — public, private and philanthropic — as demands for services, revitalization and social justice grow
  • Resident-Involved: Listening to diverse voices in the community to meaningfully engage residents in problem-solving conversations
  • Race-Informed: Bringing a racial equity lens to vital community discussions about solving problems and building preferred futures
  • Smartly Resourced: Prioritizing how resources are raised and allocated to support evidence-based investments in infrastructure, technology and people
  • Employee-Engaged: Doing the public’s work — from the front lines to the back office — in ways that tap employees’ creativity, expertise and spirit of service
  • Data-Driven: Seeing around corners and evaluating program performance and policy needs through analysis of the numbers